Sunday, March 13, 2011

Birthdays to Celebrate!

Chris and Camryn recently celebrated their birthdays. Chris is now the BIG 30 and Cami has officially entered the terrible 2s. We had a lot of fun with family and friends these past few weeks.

Since we were still a little caked-out from the wedding, Chris opted for a non-traditional, yet equally delicious dessert for his birthday. Everyone got to make there own banana splits and I don't think anyone missed the cake.

Chris got some fun gifts including a huge jar of jelly bellies which we all have been enjoying tremendously. 

And now for Cami's turn. 

We did find some energy and motivation to make her a cake. Cami is very into fairies and putting on wings and a tutu during dress up play. For her birthday her nursery teacher gave her wings and a fairy wand. You should have seen that girl "flying" through the hallways after church.

Cami also got some fun gifts, lots of cute clothes from both grandmas and her Aunt Barbara and Uncle Tyler. We also pooled some of our funds together and got her a little kitchen from Target. She loves it and it was definitely a hit with all her friends.

She even had a visit from a friendly neighbor wanting pie.

Happy Birthday Chris and Camryn. We love you!

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