Monday, October 27, 2008

SD City Beat Fiction 101 Contest

We are very proud to boast that Chris just won THIRD place in the San Diego City Beat Fiction 101 Contest! This is his first time entering the 101 word contest. He submitted three pieces and was truly hoping just to get published in the magazine. We're all hoping this gives him the confidence and motivation he needs to start writing his book.

We love October!

I've been a little worried about how Bryson would do when Halloween came around. At 2 years old, almost everything can seem big and scary. Our saving grace has been Bryson's overwhelming love for anything pirates. Chris and I have taught him some cool pirate phrases and he and his friend Drew play pirates non-stop at Grandma Pauline's house. Now, when he sees something that we think will scare him (i.e. skeletons, ghosts, anything with blood and creepy things) he says, "Ooooo, Pirate Stuff!"

Here are some pictures that we have taken in October. The family picture was taken at Oma's Pumkin Patch in Lakeside. And here is a sneek peek at our Halloween costumes. I will have to post Chris's costume later as he did not pose for Stan at our church's Halloween carnival.