Monday, March 21, 2011

Biking Down Highway 52

The big happening here in East County is the opening of the last section of the 52 highway. It is something that has been rumored since Chris and I were kids and it is finally finished. It's funny that something that probably seems so meaningless to the rest of the world, was such an excitement for the 20,000 people that showed up throughout the morning to walk/jog/run/bike on the highway. As for our family, we had been planning on attending the festivities for months. We got bikes, child bike seats and helmets all for the event. Of course we have been using them for other occasions too, but this was definitely our motivation. We had a blast riding down the center of the highway. It was definitely an day we will never forget- The Day We Played on the Highway.

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Britt said...

Fun! How do you make your pics so big?