Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another Christmas Has Come and Gone

We had another great Christmas with our family and friends. It was very fun watching 2 kids wake up to Christmas morning. Bryson was so excited to see presents under the tree. I think he was a little worried that there might not be any due to his struggle the weeks before with the whole naughty and nice issue. 3 is a hard age. He's definately testing his limits and mommy's nerves. Camryn decided to sleep in, but loved playing with Bryson and her toys once she joined us. I don't have pictures yet of the rest of the day, but we also had a great time sharing the day with my family and Chris's family. We are truly blessed to be living here near both of our families.

We also had a wonderful Christmas Eve. We went to the Slade's home and ate foil dinners. (The Slade's are my brother-in-law's family.) We had a lot of fun, a few laughs and ended with a little arm wresting. I was able to beat my mom and sister but lost horribly to Richard Slade (Anthony's older brother). To be fair, I was tired from the other matches. My mom and sister actually made me fight for the win. I guess I need to do a few more push-ups and demand a rematch. We ended the night with our traditional evening with my grandparents at their church's Christmas Eve service.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Merry Christmas!

So, this is probably the closest thing we are going to get to a Christmas card this year. Merry Christmas everyone! (Make sure to click on the link for a Christmas surprise!)

Love, The Coburn Family

Monday, December 7, 2009

Beginnings of a Testimony

Bryson absolutely loves Nursery. It probably has something to do with his teachers also being his grandparents. Who else gets to call their teachers Grandpa and Grandma. I am so grateful to them for helping him learn to love the gospel. I am continually impressed with the concepts and scripture stories that he is already familiar with by the time we teach them. Today after church, Bryson and I started talking about testimonies and how a testimony is something that you have faith or know is true. The conversation went something like this:

Angele: "Bryson, do you have a testimony?"
Bryson: "Yeah, I do."
A: "What do you have a testimony about? What do you know is true?"
B: "I know that Jesus loves me. I know that Jesus is proud of me." (I'm pretty impressed right now)
A: "Yeah? What else?"
B:" I know that Santa will come and our tree is pretty..."

He then proceeds to list random things that he sees around the room. How quickly 3-year-olds get distracted. Oh well, he started off good! Thanks again Grandpa Brother Ball and Grandma Sister Ball.